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A full-service butler experience for you and your car:

  • Our Ready to be Driven vehicle condition at all times.
  • Professional in-house car detailing (on request).
  • Door-to-door and airport delivery service (on request).
  • 24/7/365 security at our discreet storage facility (no listed address or external branding).
  • Professional battery trickle chargers.
  • Super soft, stretchy, and breathable car covers.
  • Monthly engine start-up.
  • A highly knowledgable, passionate, and trustworthy team that genuinely cares for your car.
  • 30+ years of automotive experience that comes with a reliable network.
  • Realistic pricing, without difficult notice periods.
  • You can leave your daily driver with us when you take out your hobby car.
  • Storage of your motorcycle also available.

Contact us and tell us about your specific wishes or requirements.
We offer tailor-made solutions. 


We have chosen Utrecht as our base.
Easily accessible via the national- and international highway network.

Spacious Car Storage

Your car is easy accessible

Security System

Your car is always safe

Battery Maintenance

Your car is fully charged

Tire Pressure Control

Your car is good to go


Discretion, Love, Care, Art & Sharing


With  our
high quality trailers

Discreet uniformed drivers will collect or return your car with open or closed trailers on time at a place you wish, even if it’s overseas.

Always personal and professional with material that you and your car deserve


We love things
to look their best

We offer you professional car detailing provided by in house trained car detailers.

Cherished or new, the condition of your car will greatly benefit from their protection, enhancement and correction treatments. Fine scratches, swirls, wash-marring and polishing holograms can all be removed.


Exclusive covers
made to measure

RENAMO Autohoezen (5)

We Supply car covers which are made to measure and in various colours, if desired with a piping or (brand) logo. They are light (approx. 2,8 kg), elastic, flexible and machine wash friendly. Therefore practical and easy.

The inside is made of silky soft curled material that protects the paint of your car against light scratches. The anti- static characteristics provide the ideal protection against dust.

Road Shows &


Complete care for the introduction of your new Car

We can provide you with complete roadshows and product presentations for pre-production models, new models or special versions. We have already had the opportunity to gain experience for the car manufacturers Audi, Lexus, Maserati, McLaren, Mitsubishi and Subaru. Complete care is also the common thread here.


Connect with
our network

With more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, we have been able to visit many special locations, drive very special and unique cars and meet many Petrolheads. As a RENAMO Relationship, we offer you the opportunity to join our network with all it’s privileges.

RENAMO Business Partners :