About us

As car enthusiasts with high expectations for service and quality we are driven to provide our clients with high level car storage services. Which means the possibility to enjoy an integrated experience of the highest standards. We manage all the aspects of vehicle ownership that you may not have the time or capacity to take care of yourself. Or when that extra car will not fit into your garage.

Our passion for cars already started when we were kids. We had the possibility to learn a lot about luxury cars and high end customer service during the time we have represented and worked for some of the most prestigious and revered brands in the automotive business. Whether serving customers from dealerships or looking after clients with one or more than one exotic car, we are customer-centric car guys with the mission to bring car storage to the highest level that you and your car deserve.

Experts in what we do, high standards is not a strange word in our vocabulary whether it be in the care of our own material to serve you or the cars of our clients.

“Going way beyond your Expectations”. Our answer is always: “YES we will help you”, whatever the question is.

Our team

Our passionate team is available for your needs
and makes sure that your car is taken care off.


When you have any questions please let us know by contacting us here.

Jim Renardus

Founder and owner RENAMO


• since 2008 •

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 Geralt v.d.


  Floor Manager

 Che Chong   Hau

  Event Manager